After spending a number of years in the scene pushing Blues Rock Roots and Stoner tunes from a muso, booker and promoter angle, we thought it was time to bring together our favourite bands from all around Australia and put on one weekend of sick high-energy entertainment.

With a truly national lineup, Mojo Burning aims to provide a positive cultural force, uniting genre acts who independently and without mainstream help achieve success through working hard, touring hard and playing hard.

We're not in this for the money.  We're not in this for the fame.  We're in this to promote the music we like and bring a bunch of rad bands and fans together to experience something 'outside the box' and awesome.

We aim to provide a positive cultural force for musicians in the Blues, Rock, Roots and Stoner genres and help change industry and consumer perceptions to help these acts rise to the top and actually make a comfortable living in their art.

We appreciate your help in this our endeavour.  Spread the MOJO.

x Uncle Mojo

We're always looking to partner up with like-minded crews!  If you'd be interested in a sponsorship shoot us an EMAIL

We'd like to formally recognise the 2018 Mojo Burning Festival sponsors offering their time and services to help make the event a success:

The MOJO Range

MOJO BURNING FESTIVAL has been running for the last four years in Brisbane, bringing some of the best Blues, Rock, Roots and Stoner Rock talent from all over Australia together to celebrate and solidify the scene.  The fifth instalment will take place on Saturday 14 April 2018 at the Hamilton Hotel in Brisbane with a big bunch of nationally-touring acts converging for one massive day over three stages.

Each year we also host a range of MOJO BURNING SIDESHOWS nationally over the week of the Festival to help get some coin into the travelling band's pockets. 

We also announce a series of MOJO ROADSHO's each year which take the Fest on the road to a number of quality interstate locations.  We're involved in setting up a sister festival in Adelaide HOLY LAND this year.

See the MOJO ROADSHOW AND SIDESHOWS pop up (under The Burning tab) for full additional show details as they develop.


Mojo Burning Ethos